Aden (falseaidoru) wrote in random_clearing,

What things may come (Nell and Idaten)

"I think we're lost," The brunette whined. Sweet Nell had always been odd and never terribly popular, leaving her to force maturity before it was due. That was why, even at the tender age of twenty, she still found it necessary to whine at the one person she could still count on: her brother.

"We're not lost," the man ahead of her responded. Man he truly was, being no longer gawky and awkward in limb and having grown fully into himself. Scars lined his body, even sneaking around his face. One eye had been narrowly spared, but was nearly framed in scar tissue from the old battle wound. His fights were no longer games, though his most memorable scar still graced the bridge of his nose.

"Look, I know you think you're some big man that has to care for his little sister, but we're both adults now." She pushed hair from her face and a massive and ugly scar was visible where her neck and shoulder blade were bare. This girl was a fighter as well. "Excuse me? Idaten, are you listening to me?"

"Not really..." his voice trailed off as he slowed his pace and took more care with his steps. Nell took the hint and followed suit. She had been a terrible warrior in her youth, but war had taught her otherwise. When you're would is either win or die, you learn to win.

As they walked, everything started to look familiar. There were huts here and there, mostly spread out and the occupancy was unclear. Listening closely, the siblings could hear a lake gurgling. Nell's eyes widened and she pushed past Idaten. He did not call to her, since he was coming to the same realization that his younger sister had already made.

"MY TREE!" Nell squealed and ran to the large oak tree that towered over the clearing along with other such greenery. That particular tree had a fine few of everything, but the lake.

This was it. This was home, or more of one than they had ever had elsewhere. They had found it once again.
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