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Plans and mischief making.. (Kumori and Keisuke)

“So.. you’re saying that they turned on the time machine, and got zapped back to the past?” A low baritone of a voice rolled smoothly as he spoke through the receiver, attention better occupied in running the line of coffee machines stacked up along the coffee shop’s counter. Wrinkling his nose as a batch of espresso went bad the man sighed, throwing it out to start work on another. “How the hell does that concern me? Nosha and Mikomi have done it before; I’m pretty sure that they’ll be just fine, Keisuke.”

“That’s not the point, Kumori.” Keisuke reminded in a softer side of almost feminine tone from over the phone, time doing him no justice in giving a bit of masculinity to the childish and overtly hyper chipmunk on crack voice. Shifting ears with a sigh footsteps led him to some place unknown to the listener of his conversation, the whirs and whistles of a machine as he mercilessly began to clack computer keys interrupting the younger jinzouningen’s train of thought as well. “It’s the fact that I still haven’t worked out all the bugs. It’s.. not quite running right, so I’m not sure exactly where they are or if we can even get them back this time. Either or forgot to take one of the honing signals with them, so it’ll be hell on earth for us trying to find them.”

“Like I said,” Bossed the demon general with a bit of a frown, handing off what concoctions he had brewed for eager customers with little less than a smile offered otherwise. “They are going to be fine, Enishi. I’ll bet my honor on it that they’ll be all right. Nosha is with Mikomi, and surely Mikomi has his medication on him, and with together the--… Wait a second, back track to what you said earlier. ‘We’?” Kumori arched a brow.

On the other end resounded a loud and cheerful laugh, followed by his favorite Osakan battle cry learned thanks to their younger ‘sister’. “Yoshi~ Don’t you know it! You very well know I can’t be trailing back to the past without my favorite pissy demon to accompany, ne? Besides, you need a vacation! I’m sure Kyoko-chan won’t mind so very badly if you come along. They have Kakougan and Karma to run the band and shop while you’re gone so.. What says you, m’dear? Are you game to play with the genius toda~a~ay?”

There was a long pause as Kumori sat to carefully consider his options, weighing them out one by one to see which would better suit his over all purpose. “…Nope.” He replied a moment later with both brows raising, unable to help the coy grin of his own as he stood. “Because unlike you I have a son to take care of, and I don’t want to leave him with Naozumi or Yuri again.”

“AWWWWWW KUMO-CHAAAAAAN.” Keisuke wailed in his best imitation of the poor innocent uke, his wibbles practically heard and seen over the phone in the coffee shop before Kumori’s eyes. “Please go? Please please please? We’ll be able to see everyone again! You’ll be able to see Umittchi~ and.. And Kaji~.. and.. And Hino~.. and.. and Areshia~ .. and..”

Kumori couldn’t argue there; it had been a long time since he had seen any of them. Not that he.. cared or anything, oh no. Because caring was for sissy ninnies. ”Will you shut up and leave me alone for a good long while if I go with you?” He sighed, fingers finding home on the bridge of his nose to kill off the pain growing behind his eyes.

“I will not talk to you for at least two months!” Keisuke chirped. “I stake it on the honor of my brother!”

“That’s some high bidding right there.” Kumori snorted. “I don’t think Akito wants you making promises over his head.. But hn. I’ll go with you. I’ll be around after my shift and we’ll head out then.”

The blond jinzouningen practically crowed from excitement over his accomplishment, dancing in the background of his house though the green eyes of the demon could not see. “Ja~a! I’ll make arrangements for Hikaru ifhedoesn’tendupstowingawaylikelasttime! See you soon, Kumo-chan!”

Hanging up was such a relief right now. Knocking the phone against his forehead the rain maker pulled the object back to look at it through narrowed half-lidded eyes, as if mulling over the existence of such a creation. “..As much as I hate to admit it.. he’s right.”
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