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Memories (Naru and Maki)

"Remember when...?"

A nostalgic smile. "How could I forget?"

In return, a grin and a toss of the hair. "It wouldn't surprise me."

Time, it's said, heals all wounds. Naru and Maki had nothing but time anymore, and it had taken a toll on them: once hostile, the reasons behind their animosity had been long forgotten, buried with a thousand other tiny things. They sat together in the place they had once called their home, recalling the times that weren't so unhappy. Talking, laughing, it was hard to believe that they had ever hated one another.

"You're one to talk," the dark-haired boy said, a lightheartedly dejected frown playing over his features. "You'd forget your head if it wasn't attached to the rest of you."

"Excuse me!" An equal expression came over the blonde as she frowned, arms crossing defensively over her chest. "I have a perfectly good memory!"


At Naru's blatant frown, Maki knew he had won that round. But still...

"Two birthdays, actually." The blonde found herself hunched, a look of absolute guilt over her face.

"I made up for it! Didn't I?" A pause. "...Did I?" The brunet grinned, reaching over to ruffle her hair a little.

"Of course. Besides, I wasn't that mad. I'm just teasing."


"...Although I'm sure Sachi was at least a little annoyed when you forgot his birthday too!"

"Why you-!!"

"I'm kidding, kidding! -OW!"
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