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Truth revealed! ..Kindasortainaway (Mikomi and Maki)

He had come to find quickly again that making Nosha mad was a Very Bad Thing.

Frowning at the angry dimple in his forehead (caused by head on collision with the girl's foot) Mikomi rubbed furiously to dull the pain away, frown turning into the most adorable of pouts to ever be seen as he sighed towards his futile efforts.

"Whyyyy does it hurt so baaaaaad~~" Mikomi whimpered pathetically as fingers gave up their chase to drop helplessly at his sides, bowing forward to knock his forehead on the ground.

.........Not a smart idea.

With a shrieking yelp the boy flailed back only to land hard on the ground and make another lovely dimple in the back of his head, rolling to again only make contact with the stick he had been prodding the Jinzouningen commander with earlier to stab him in the eye for another scream of pain.

Yes. This was not his day in the least.

Truthfully.. It hadn't been his year. Getting use to being human had been the hardest thing the former angel was set up against in all his thousands of years of existence, finding a new way to enjoy the growing pains of life day by day. Yeah. It sure was a load of fun.

Hand tossed over his head the silver haired teen finally gave up in a long sigh, eyes tracing past the blades of grass in his vision to stare at some distant point, mind wandering off as it tended to do on the issue it loved to trail over most..

"..It's ironic." Mikomi murmured, emerald eyes closing as his hand clenched tight. "I.. broke my engagement with Taka to be with you, Maki-chan~.. and the very next day that damn thing broke. Way for life to bite me in the proverbial ass.."

"..But.. I wonder where you are now.."
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