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Truth revealed! ..Kindasortainaway (Mikomi and Maki)

He had come to find quickly again that making Nosha mad was a Very Bad Thing.

Frowning at the angry dimple in his forehead (caused by head on collision with the girl's foot) Mikomi rubbed furiously to dull the pain away, frown turning into the most adorable of pouts to ever be seen as he sighed towards his futile efforts.

"Whyyyy does it hurt so baaaaaad~~" Mikomi whimpered pathetically as fingers gave up their chase to drop helplessly at his sides, bowing forward to knock his forehead on the ground.

.........Not a smart idea.

With a shrieking yelp the boy flailed back only to land hard on the ground and make another lovely dimple in the back of his head, rolling to again only make contact with the stick he had been prodding the Jinzouningen commander with earlier to stab him in the eye for another scream of pain.

Yes. This was not his day in the least.

Truthfully.. It hadn't been his year. Getting use to being human had been the hardest thing the former angel was set up against in all his thousands of years of existence, finding a new way to enjoy the growing pains of life day by day. Yeah. It sure was a load of fun.

Hand tossed over his head the silver haired teen finally gave up in a long sigh, eyes tracing past the blades of grass in his vision to stare at some distant point, mind wandering off as it tended to do on the issue it loved to trail over most..

"..It's ironic." Mikomi murmured, emerald eyes closing as his hand clenched tight. "I.. broke my engagement with Taka to be with you, Maki-chan~.. and the very next day that damn thing broke. Way for life to bite me in the proverbial ass.."

"..But.. I wonder where you are now.."
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A knock to the head had been sufficient. Two of them, though, was a bit uncalled for. Rubbing at the fresh bumps atop his head, Maki found himself alone when Naru went off to - well, who knows where.

Or...maybe not entirely alone.

The sound of a voice was what drew the green-eyed man away from his sitting place. It was always hard to tell what was behind the next bend; experience had made him cautious, slowed his approach, masked his presence behind a nearby tree. But curiosity was the sweetest siren, and something in that voice seemed so familiar that he could almost touch it. And yet, for the longest time he couldn't place it...

The name was what gave the speaker's identity away. That silly nickname, pet name, that only one person ever used, only one person ever could use.

...Had it really been three years?

Disbelief marked Maki's face as he watched, safely hidden for a few moments as he let shock work its way through his features and then dissipate like clouds beaten back by the sun. The boy hardly looked any different - maybe a little taller, maybe a little more mature. But it was less in comparison.

For a moment, he wondered irrationally if the other would even recognize the features that had changed over three years: the hair that had been cropped shorter; the build that had changed just the slightest bit, tightening, becoming taller and stronger. The frame, the face of what was once a boy, now a man just turned twenty. For a moment, he lost his courage. It was those final words, that final almost-question that brought it back.

The smallest smile, maybe a little nervous, maybe a little excited, graced Maki's face as he abandoned his hiding place, crouching beside the boy. "...I could've sworn," he said after a moment, "that I told you not to call me that."
He hadn't intended for it to be like this. Not in that weakened state of remembering a time he'd rather forget, that disdained memory of the deep-seated hatred scrawled over a hardened face; a hatred directed towards himself in rejecting Taka's affection.

..Then none of it seemed to matter anymore.

He would have sworn that all the air on the small water and land logged planet had been robbed from him in the carrying tone of that voice, one that visited him often in form of dreams of the 'childhood' he almost forgot. Without dwelling any longer on his own pain the smaller boy shot from the ground home, rigid back coupled with straightening shoulders as his heart positively hammered away in thundering beat in his chest. Could it be..? Was it really..?

Slowly, unbelieving, hesitant Mikomi turned to his head just the slightest bit face the one that had aged to become a handsome young man, not needing a reintroduction to know exactly who it was at his side.

"..Maki.." Mikomi murmured in a mix of statement and question hoarsely, politely bringing a hand up to cover his mouth in a cough to regain his voice. Surprise was clearly on his face, eyes once owned by silent reverie wide in shock as he shook his head, slowly a smile tugging to his lips.
Watching the changing expressions over the teen's face, brows creased and for a moment, Maki wondered if he had done something wrong. Maybe...

And then there was the disbelief, shared between them like so many other things. He couldn't help the smile that tugged at his mouth at the surprise in those wide eyes, the recognition; all fear, all worry, all denial and question and numbness disappeared, like it had never really been there at all.

Maybe that was the dream, or maybe this was the dream; either way, he was sure that part of him must have been dreaming. It wouldn't be the first time: his dreams were often haunted by a pale-haired boy but often they were less than pleasant, filled with accusations and questions and forgetting... It was kind of funny, that the one among them that was real felt the most like the dream that had once felt more like wishful thinking, like daydreaming.

And the smile almost broke him, because never in his dreams had he seen it: the one piece of that boy that had almost been buried forever, the one thing that had nearly been forgotten.

"It's..." The smile that he gave in return felt like it might break his face into a thousand pieces and it became so strong that he couldn't help but laugh, just for a moment. "...It's been a while, Mikomi.."
Awkward was a polite way of putting it. Downright uncanny was the way his mind would like to phrase the facts of life unfolding before him, Mikomi's own lips pulling wider and wider in a brightening look as Maki seemed to find delight in his being there.

Delight. Over him; Over their reunion. It was almost.. No, It was heaven brought to earth. The feeling of surreal and floating on a cloud that left the smaller frame breathless for the longest time as seriously, honestly, all Mikomi could do was wear that silly lovestruck grin.

All this time a growing force had built up in his chest, fueling the fire of childish eager that simply made the teen want to leap from his spot and promptly throw his arms over any part of the brunet they could swallow. He had done so in the past, though more often than not the 'endearment' was unwelcome. But now, with no fear, no regrets, no strings to hold him back..

"MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~!" Came the battlecry wail as Mikomi practically soared from his position on the ground to pummel the older boy back in a tackle, arms tight around his neck as a continued excited chant of Maki's name left the boy's lip in a contented snuggle.
It was becoming harder and harder to care about anything other than keeping that sunshine smile on the other's lips; the surreal feeling, the shock, everything else was completely unimportant.

Something indescribable was welling up in his chest as the seconds ticked by, the same thing that had swelled up in him countless times before. That feeling hadn't changed, and it made Maki happy in the strange way that a sick, nervous feeling could make you feel comfortable and happy. But this was without the sickness, maybe he was without the sickness now, and it made that old, familiar feeling seem brand new.

Moments passed, and slowly realization began to dawn on the dark-haired man of what would come next. He braced himself, but...

But no amount of preparation could really prepare you for a tackle like that.

The world tipped suddenly, turning sideways and upside down as the force of the attack threw Maki onto his back, laughing as he felt smaller arms slip around him, finding his own arms winding around the other like it was the most natural thing in the world. Slowly, he found himself able to open his eyes again, greeted with the sight of the boy's face that he thought had to be a dream until he was reminded of the dull pain in the back of his head, a byproduct of that tackle. Ever so slightly, his arms tightened around Mikomi as he murmured, barely a whisper, "I missed you."
It was all too much. The mind-reeling confusion as to how he came here, the happiness toying with heartstrings, emotions on parade as one by one the mixture washed over Mikomi's face like the tide against sand. Soon enough the embrace lost its flyingpouncetackle luster for the two to simply just hold the other tightly, a certain glint in the corner of the pale-haired teen's eyes before they closed.

"I thought.." Mikomi started to say, voice hushed as it was before head tipped back, emerald eyes taking in the heart-warming glow of Makigai's face. Despite the tears pricking he could only help to smile, a distant sort of sadness lingering through his expression. "..I thought.. I would never see you again, Maki.."

With truth such as that revealed the own truth of his emotions could not be hidden longer, laughter bubbling loud and bright from the younger teen's throat as his head collapsed for the brunet's chest, memorizing the race of Maki's heart as he use to in days of old with the familiar warmth only described as the other flooding his senses. True, it was very silly of him to be crying.. But at that moment, nothing matter more than the man beneath him.

He was finally at 'home'; a world held up by those strong pair of arms.
One hand eventually loosed itself from the embrace, just a little, rubbing slow circles over Mikomi's back. That was enough for now - it had been so long that anything was enough. The smallest touch, the faintest scent...

And always that smile. It had been sorely missed.

Eyes falling over the teen, connecting with his for a moment. Maki saw the tears, glinting, threatening, and moved his free hand to tap them away from the corner of his eye...that hand stopped in mid-motion, hovering a short distance from the boy's face as the dark-haired man blinked, first in surprise and then, maybe, in thought.

The laughter abated his own words for a moment and he waited until it subsided, hand retreating to the back of the boy's head, ruffling his hair. "Silly," Maki said as he shook his head just the slightest bit. He was finding that he really couldn't help but smile, though he thought that maybe some part of him felt like crying as well... "I wouldn't have stopped looking until I found you." And that was the honest, unabashed truth: he didn't know how he would have done it, but be damned if he wouldn't try.
The world had stopped; gone utterly still. Not even the chirp of the birds in sweet melody could be heard on the deaf ears, however trained only to take in that low baritone of a voice he was growing to love all over again. The sound and touch that had been sorely missed in those painful years that passed..

He felt like a high school girl in these moments, a tinge of pink rising to color his cheeks from soulful gaze into matching emerald eyes. "I know you wouldn't have.." Mikomi replied in a faint whisper, almost sounding afraid to speak as he lowered his chin to make it at home on Maki's breastbone.

He started to say something more a moment past his other reply, looking nervous suddenly as the blush grew into wildfire on his face. Fingers teasing at the limp locks seemed to only fuel this redness right up to the tips of his ears, berating him in retaliation with a gentle fist to the shoulder.

"I fixed it all by myself. The time machine, that is," He murmured quietly, unable to help the happy pride that was slow to well up in his face in a sunny grin. "I.. I did it so I could come and find you. Because.. God, I have so much to tell.."