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Areshia Nishimura

She ran her hands through her hair, leaning back and sighing. The area was desolate as she sat upon the stump that had taken much abuse these past few years. Remnants of what used to be an overly populated area sat abandoned, a ragged hammock swinging from a branch, multiple trees dead in the cold winter air. The lake was frozen over, the paths were growing over with grass, and footprints and signs of life were long since gone.

Areshia sighed, a small cloud forming in the chilly air. So much had happened here in this small area. Death, life, proposal, rejection, happiness, sadness, lawn flamingos. People had fallen from the sky into the non-existant ocean with talking pants, girls had stalked her brother on unhealthy levels, bipolar girls had come in and bitched until they were blue in the face sparking drama among the group, new faces showed up and unwillingly created a whole new breed of drama in the group. So much had happened.

She smiled and ran her fingers along the grooves of the tree trunk, a soft breeze blowing auburn hair into her face. Gently she brushed the tresses aside and let her eyes slowly lift to the overcast sky.

Perhaps revisiting was a good idea after all.
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