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she walks at midnight... (Naru)

And all the stars looked down from heaven...

A sigh, small and whistful, escaped the traveller's lips. When had she become a poet? Though it seemed to fit.

Sachi had always said that Naru lived on a cloud in her mind. She was always full of dreams and ideas of great grandeur, curiosity, a fervent need to explore. He also liked to call her a troublemaker, which admittedly, she was.

So a time finally came when she had to leave her so-called father figure and get away, to see the world and everything. With a bundle of journals, a winter coat, and enough food and money to at least get her started, Naru ventured into the wide world away from Sachi's unbearably small, comfortable place of residence.

That had been...how long? Almost a year ago. It was rather shocking when she thought about it. In that time she had been all over: north, south, southwest... Her clothes had changed, slowly, taking on foreign fabrics and patterns, pieces of cultures she had visited and lived among. All of these things she had studied, learned, lived, and soon her journals had all filled up with sketches and words.

They were almost full, and when they were, she would go home.

Now it was time to turn to the east, though, the place that Naru had saved for last. She wasn't sure why, at least not until she realized what she had stumbled upon.

Even in the dark, she knew that place. Those massive, sturdy trees that never seemed to change but grew ever-larger, the lake at the far edge of the clearing. The trees all seemed to part as if in greeting, leafless branches inviting her in with a welcome home gesture. How long had it been since she last looked upon that place...? And the stars still twinkled overhead, chattering silently about secrets and memories and the past, of all those things she hadn't thought of in years.

A smile graced thin, pale lips as feet carefully treaded over chilled, frost-covered grass. The air was beginning to warm with the feel of dawn and gray eyes were beginning to struggle against sleep. There, under an outcropping of rock, she spread her blanket over the ground and allowed the faint whisperings of the trees sing her to sleep.
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