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The bonds of time have come to pass.. (Nosha and Mikomi)

“Ah’ll b’o’er af’er work, ‘kay? Don’cha’n Kiseki wait fer m’er nothin’ t’eat. ..A-Aiya, ah’hink ah’m gonna jus’ catch somethin’ here. Ya’n kno’ Keisuke han ga’alotta stuff in he-- Hm? ..Yeah.. Love you too, Hideaki yan. Mata.”

3015. The revolution had passed and Tokyo was in repair, with the western side of Shibuya-ku seeing the brunt of this amazing change. No longer were things disordered or left worse for wear as the Prime Minister had ordered that money be put towards rebuilding the western slums to their former glory, the greyscale haze of ever present fog that seemed to smother the structures and livelihood of the people in Western Capital long removed and painted fresh in new light.

Three years had past; three excruciatingly long and grueling years of change that were needed sorely before the Revolution started. But the appearance of the city was not the only thing that had succumbed to this reconstruction; The people, as well, had begun to change. There was a certain air of happiness that surrounded everyone, more often than not escaping in the sound of cheerful laughter or faces painted in smiles. There were no longer barriers amongst the races as each kind of being – human, angel, demon, and more importantly jinzouningen -- had learned to coexist.

She had changed as well in the years following her last leaving that childhood of memory making. Now aged at nineteen Nekozano Nosha hardly resembled the tomboy that dared to start fights in the wooded playland in her high school years, time taking it’s toll to age her from the boyish looks into the petite figure of a lovely young woman. Still, as ever, her hair fell in the blunt silver spikes just at her brow bone with crimson eyes hidden from the world’s view behind the dark lenses that hid her affliction, and her attitude towards the world was hardly anything lady like. Yes, indeed, the former Jinzouningen-Dan commander brought proof to the fact that you could never change what was inside no matter how looks altered.

The aforementioned Jinzouningen-Dan had disbanded; a year ago, actually, when the revolution brought no need for wars to be waged in benefit to give the former orphan’s their right to claim life in the city. Red Ribbon was only a memory though the Hall of Angels and the Mazoku Council remained, now combined into one entity to bring peace across the barriers of heaven and hell. Now she worked two jobs when not confined to the lecture halls of the local university, forever a slave to the hum of espresso machines at Koneko Kissaten as well as now helping Keisuke in valiant attempt to own and operate a small chemist side business. The days were long and tiring, certainly; But at least it filled the void of a broken heart that seemed to follow after the ‘prince’ these long years since..

Eyes narrowed down on the phone she held in hand with a bit of disappointment, gripping the cordless device as if to release the pent up emotion on the machine that hardly ever gave her harm. It would do her no good to break the damn thing as it was Keisuke’s office phone, knowing she would get the shrieking scold of a lifetime from the elder Jinzouningen in reckoning for undue actions. With a sigh she simply strolled off for the room down the way to replace the phone on its receiver, passing by unopened doors without the slightest pull of curiosity towards any one.

…Well, except for the one that stood open, of course.

A delicate brow arching the young commander brought booted-feet to halt, Nosha staring past the curtain of darkness that served to deceive unknowing eyes that weren’t ‘blessed’ by light of her ability. One step after the other gave her hesitant approach as on squeaking hinges the door pushed back, a mop of silver spikes turning to and fro as she searched the dimly lit room. “Keisuke?” She called, hand groping past the doorframe in search of the light switch. “Did ya’n c’me back alrea’y? Didn’ hear ya’n come..”

The boyish voice trailed off into silence as the overhead light flickered on, revealing the room to be swarmed with trinkets and gadgets that the technician was no doubt trying to fix for his own biddings. Scouring the room over slowly angular eyes fell on the larger of the objects straight ahead, unconscious stride of legs bringing Nosha to come ever closer to the machine she was once so familiar with.

“I thought this..” She murmured quietly had hands passed over the buttons littering the control panel of the time machine, a curious digit prodding at a few as the equipment fast came to life. It hardly surprised her; everything Keisuke made some how or other managed to work, even if it had been a long time since being used. Truly the idiot of a blond was a ‘genius’ as he so rightfully coined himself to be. Lips parting for tongue to parch the chapped skin she lowered her head to look at the faint glow emanating from the growing circles that were larger as you moved from the center platform, studying them over out of faint growing pull of her inner child. “..It works, again..?”

“IIIIIIII FIXED IT MYSELF!” boasted a younger voice from behind as a mop of similar silver spikes popped over the girl’s shoulder, Nosha spinning around only to fall into the machine out of surprise. With wide emerald eyes Mikomi grinned down at her before giving into a small dance, slapping a hand accidentally on the control panel as he flopped in after his ‘older sister’.

”M-Mikomi! Be careful, or..!” Nosha trailed off as she was pummeled to the floor with an ‘oof’, a series of whistles and whirs filling the once silent room as the angel of light sat atop her stomach in overwhelming vigor.

“Yay~ going someplace!” The boy crowed proudly and collected the girl’s hands into his own, Mikomi swinging them about as the pair faded into the faint sapphire glow that had become the machine’s floorboards.

“Going where, though?!” Nosha spat at him with sudden fury, head turning all about as she tried to free herself of the pulling warmth that was wrapping their bodies. Hands lost their hold on thin fingers as pale ones came to touch her cheeks, Mikomi leaning down for their noses to rest scant inches apart in secret smile.

“Where we belong.” He simply murmured in a calmer tone as the saner half of personality took control, at the finish of his words the familiar surroundings of the Kamura home turning into stark darkness as the pull of time left the pair traveling sound asleep to land wherever the collision course had been set..


The jinzouningen orphans lay oblivious to the world in unconscious splendor as concrete walls were replaced by a thicket of bushes and trees, the blades of darkened emerald grass serving as both their mattress and blanket to keep cold night air from invading the warm reverie of sleep. Had they been alert they would know this place immediately, the clearing in the woods with branches that were perfect perch for climbing to make rest, rocks for seats and a small stream in which you might parch thirst. Their playground, their escape, the one retreat the jinzouningen’s once called their own to seek a hiding place from the harsh reality of what was once Shibuya-ku..

They had finally come home.
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