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to the surreal and dormant stars

as it's all fake; surely I'll never get there..

ashita no yoru -- boku wa kimi ni au
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Innocent curiosity pulled them to that clearing in the woods for some reason or other.

All from different pasts, different backgrounds, even different eras of time they came; Flocking to this place of mystery that seemed to unite the times together with bonds unkempt to bring peace to an otherwise restless world. It was an escape, really; A place where each of them could simply be at ease and not have to wear a mask of lies to facade the world into believing things were okay when truly they were far from that..

However it was inevitable that they would have to give up the wooded playland to take reality by the reigns and go to face their destinies. Some parted in company of others met there, while some trailed off into the backdrop alone to face the wages of time in that solitary state. Surely questions lingered when they parted ways: Would they ever see each other again? What would become of the friends they loved so dearly? Would things ever be the same?

..Would anyone remember to tell their tales..?

It's been three years in passing since they were all together, and now that second chance has come to being. It's the opportunity of the ages for these friends to again try and be together in peace and harmony if only for a short time, and make a life for themselves that may not have been if the doors to the past had not been reopened..

Lost they once were; Reunited they have become

I lie awake beside the windowsill
Like a flower in a vase
A moment caught in glass

The rays of sunlight come and beckon me
To a sleepy dreamy haze
A sense of summer days

If only I could stop the flow of time
Turn the clock to yesterday
Erasing all the pain

I've only memories of happiness
Such pleasure we have shared
I'd do it all again

The bells have rung, the time has come
I cannot find the words to say my last goodbye
This scenery is evergreen
You've always been so dear to me

This community is the revival startings of the "Ask the Seishi" chat glory days, as spazzed up by jinzouningen and naru_chan. It is purely intended for fun and reuniting characters of old, and will make no sense what-so-freakin'-ever if you did not go to ATS or have ties with the characters. ^^; We love you guys, please make a dream come true?