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Storytime! (Keisuke)

It was a quiet day where the sunlight rand cold and wind gusted time and again to scatter dead leaves in the grass, taking them up into the air so that they might have one final waltz before their life truly ended. In that same grass sat another, however, unchanged by the twirling breeze and dancing leaves as it kept cover under worn blankets and tattered cloths, the figure shrouded from the entire world save for a pair of pale hands taking hold of a book. Experimentally jaw dropped and pulled back, lips forming silent words at first as though he were practicing the speech to come, not too long after the sudden motion started did a voice ring loud and clear.

"..Deep in the Hundred Acre woods," He began, a certain feminine grace in the male's voice as a hand swept dramatically out. "Winnie the Pooh was on his way to visit his friend Piglet! Now although Pooh's head was stuffed with fluff, he was a cheerful fellow. As he walked along through the woods he was humming a song to himself. A song that went like.."

As words trailed off the hood went abandoned, Keisuke stabbing a finger high into the air as he gave a little bouncing 'rain dance' around the stone circle he had set up prior. "I LIKE RIIIIIIIICE BECAUSE RICE IS SO NIIIIIIIICE AHMIGAWD POOH BEAR AND RIIIII~IIIIIII~IIIIIIICE!"

..And then he proceeded to fall over in a gleeful fit of laughter. Silly Keisuke; Even if you are such a genius.
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